Our products contain 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring. The actual fruit content is preserved, guaranteeing incomparable flavor, texture and aroma. 


Whole pieces of fruit in a sugar syrup in a 680g end 420g package. 
Flavors: Banana, Cashew, Green Papaya, Gooseberry, Guava, Jackfruit, Kinkan Orange and Pineapple. Download the creamy sweets and compotes catalog!

Banana Compote - 680g

Cashew Compote - 680g

Green Papaya Compote - 680g

Gooseberry Compote - 680g

Gooseberry Compote - 420g

Guava Compote - 680g

Jaca Compote - 680g

Kikan Orange Compote - 680g

Pineapple Compote - 680g

Creamy sweets 

Creamy tropical fruit sweets in 680g, 450g end 420g packages. 
Flavors: Banana, Cashew, Cashew with Chestnuts, Creamy Cocada, Dulce de Leche, Guava, Mangaba, Tamarind and Umbu-Cajá. Download the creamy sweets and compotes catalog!

Banana Creamy Sweet - 680g

Cashew Creamy Sweet - 680g

Cashew Creamy Sweet - 420g

Cashew with chestnut Creamy 
     Sweet - 680g

Creamy Coconut Creamy
     Sweet - 680g

Creamy Coconut Creamy
     Sweet - 420g

Dulce de Leche Creamy 
     Sweet - 450g

Guava Creamy Sweet - 680g

Guava Creamy Sweet - 420g

Mangaba Creamy Sweet - 680g

Mangaba Creamy Sweet - 420g

Tamarind Creamy Sweet - 680g

Umbu-cajá Creamy  
     Sweet - 680g

Umbu-cajá Creamy Sweet - 420g


Tropical fruit jams, characteristic of our region, in 280g, 240g and 42g packages (customized, personalized or for promotional gifts). 
Flavors: Acerola, Áraça, Cashew, Cashew with Pink Peppercorn, Guava, Diet Guava, Guava with Pepper, Jabuticaba, Jamelão, Mango, Mango with Pepper, Mangaba, Diet Mangaba, Passion Fruit, Passion Fruit with Pepper, Passion Fruit with Pink Peppercorn, Pepper, Pineapple with Ginger, Pineapple with Pepper, Pitanga, Ubaia, Umbu-Cajá. Download jams catalog!

Acerola Jam - 280g

Araçá Jam - 280g

Mini Araçá Jam - 42g

Cashew Jam - 280g

Mini Cashew Jam - 42g

Cashew with Pink   
     Peppercorn Jam - 280g

Guava Jam - 280g

Diet Guava Jam - 240g

Guava with Pepper Jam - 280g

Jaboticaba Jam - 280g

Jamelão Jam - 280g

Mango Jam - 280g

Mini Mango Jam - 42g

Pepper Mango Jam - 280g

Mangaba Jam - 280g

Mini Mangaba Jam - 42g

Diet Mangaba Jam - 280g

Passion Fruit Jam - 280g

Pepper Passion Fruit Jam - 280g

Passion Fruit with Pink    
     Peppercorn Jam - 280g

Pepper Jam - 280g

Ginger Pineapple Jam - 280g

Pepper Pineapple Jam - 280g

Pitanga Jam - 280g

Mini Pitanga Jam - 42g

Ubaia Jam - 280g

Mini Ubaia Jam - 42g

Umbu-cajá Jam - 280g

Other Products

Cashew-Plum Sweet, Pepper Sauce, Packaging institutional candy - 4kg (all flavors), pots and Mini Sweet Jams (Custom). Download the creamy sweets and compotes catalog!

Cashew-Plum Sweet - 450g

Pepper Sauce - 150ml

4kg Package

Mini Jams Pack

Mini Jam

6 Mini Jams Box

Download our catalogs here!

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